I have been on two of your job sites in the last two days and I want to let you know how impressed I have been by the conduct of your work "crews". There is no radio playing loud music, the workmen all speak to each other in professional, respectful voices (no yelling across the site), and they all are wearing Mike Parker "uniforms". In addition there is no unusual or excessive "construction noise" as the workmen do not throw materials or equipment around. Very impressive and professional work sites. I hope your workmen, and your clients, realize and appreciate how unusual and pleasant it is to see an organization pay attention to such details on a construction site. Your workmen should be proud to be a part of such an organization. Unfortunately most people never get to see the way many other construction sites are run so they have nothing against which to compare. It sure was obvious to me that something different and pleasant was taking place on your sites. GOOD JOB.

Charles A. Structural Engineer - Newport Beach



Contractors License Number: C27 409169